About Us



Is our brand concept and is also the basic idea.

Which we would like to deliver to each of our users.

WRITECH is a stationery company that specializes in the manufacturing of a variety of writing instruments.

◆ Gel pens and liquid rollerball pens for your everyday use.

◆ Highlighters, permanent markers and dry erase markers used in study and in the everyday workplace.

◆ Art brush pens and creative journal kits that are perfect for lettering and journal lovers.

We were born in a lively era, with a great many eye-catching idols and public voices. We prefer to care about every individual, feeling and embracing their small but continual demands, exploring the unique charms with every user.

Writech was born with this such simple idea.


We always believe that we are not just producing the cold products, but rather a brand with principle, effect and purpose. We want to present not only rich colors and refresh combinations for creative people, but also show the accumulation of our ideas and the advancing of our technologies inspired by ever user.


WRITECH will continue to experiment, create new technology and pioneer the way to provide pens for people and places that love and need them.